Wymiennik JAD - ikona

Heat exchangers, hot water tanks


Our company sells hot water tanks, heat exchangers, and valves. The products that we offer come from the reputable national producers and were certificated by many national and international technical inspections.

We would like to invite the industrial, institutional and individual clients to cooperation.

We provide:

- the best prices of our products
- short terms of orders realization
- discounts for our loyal clients
- assistance in the choice of appropriate heat exchangers for the particular application

  • JAD type

    Wymiennik ciepła JAD

    Shell and tube heat exchangers coil type JAD - applications: heating systems, refrigeration, heat exchange in industrial processes. more

  • P-LINE


    Shell and tube exchanger P-Line are designed for pharmaceutical industry, food industry, and all applications compliant with FDA norms and 3A requirements. more

  • R-LINE

    Wymiennik płytowy R-line

    Brazed plate heat exchangers type R account for main constituent of cooling systems. They are designed for cooling industry as boilers and condensers.

  • L-LINE

    Wymiennik płytowy lutowany L-Line

    Brazed plate exchangers L-line – application: central heating systems, hot water heating, solar and geothermic heating systems, heat exchange in industrial processes, condensers and evaporators in refrigeration systems, industrial refrigeration installations (oil coolers), refrigeration. more

  • B-LINE

    Wymiennik ciepła basenowy B-line

    Shell and tube heat exchangers pool B-line – applications: floor heating, swimming pools and hot water tanks, defrosting the in garages approach and parking spots, oil coolers, engine coolers and drive systems, sample coolers in boilers installations. more

  • BST tanks

    Pressure tanks are designed for the accumulation of warm water. They can work as a temperature stabilizer.

    Tanks of this type are widely used in water treatment plants, boiler rooms, air compression rooms, solar systems and heat pumps. more

  • CST tanks

    Cylindrical tanks made of stainless steel.

    - reduced heat losses to ambient through insulation,
    - improved performance,
    - time to get hot water is much less than in the capacitive gas heaters. more

  • A1&A2 tanks

    Tanks made of a cylindrical shell closed by ellipsoidal bottoms. This is a completely welded construction, equipped with inspection hole to ensure the exchange of magnesium protectors (installed on request). External surfaces are protected against corrosion by coating. more